“Junior seemed to me the dominant role, and Dennis Chmelensky’s moving, rich baritone accompanied by real acting provided a fierce center to the piece and to the family’s dysfunction.” 



“As the mentally ill Junior, Dennis Chmelensky articulated his fractured vocal lines in ways that perhaps set a new standard for the role, while also projecting a flamboyant battiness that suited the character well.”


“Dennis Chmelensky brought a potent, edgy baritone to the emotionally unstable role of Junior, provoking and romancing the other characters in equal measure.” 


“Junior remains the piece’s most complicated character...Despite these alarmingly reductive traits, baritone Dennis Chmelensky works hard to give the character an inner life. He also sings with beautiful diction.”



“The evening’s best singing and acting comes courtesy of Dennis Chmelensky, an honorable Giovanni in the lyric baritone tradition and a focused, connected stage performer.


“Leading the singers was Dennis Chmelensky as the Don... he met all vocal demands honorably. Chmelensky is also a marvelously subtle and physically dexterous actor.


“Thursday night’s opening featured baritone Dennis Chmelensky in the title role and soprano Tiffany Townsend as Donna Anna, and for their carrying power as well as subtle sensitivity to sound, these two singers seem primed for busy careers... Chmelensky, who was not just the title character but also the most mature and nuanced singer in the cast.”


“Chmelensky emerged as the evening’s unquestionable discovery. His superbly produced lyric baritone lifted the already stellar production to the musical stratosphere, while never sacrificing a connection to the text for mere tonal beauty. Though still an undergraduate, he gave the impression of a fully formed artist, ready to claim his place on the world stage.”